collectivity: Projekt der ungarischen Künstlerinnen Virag Bogyo und Csill Hody als Artists in Residence im FLORIDA@lothringer13 der LH München,Till death do us part

Methoden der Gruppenarbeit: In welchen Gruppen hast du gelernt, und wie? Lern-Autonomieexternal image collectivity.jpg

Forschende Methoden der Gruppenarbeit an der Hochschule München
research methods in group-work at munich highschool for applied sience

is the place in Internet, I set the answer:

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As you told us, you lived your whole life as a member of different collectives. As an experiment could you collect all these groups in a list? We would gladly put this list into our publication which we are working on now. Would you be up to do this?As Minstrels, between 9 and 15 years old, we organized a lot of the time by ourselves ...
than was an idea of a group for animal-fiends,
in catholic youth organizations around 1970 we had a lot of self-organisation and beginning of close work between boys and girls, before strong divided,
in most groups we had elder persons, councelling our organizing of dancing-partys, but also hot music partys without any adult than musicians: Fleetwood Mac, Iron Butterfly: in a Gadda da Vida ...
Going to the far great city, my Group of students of 32 men and women had to organize the plans for a new level of profession in community work: On the background of the Vatican-Conzilium in a German Synod they created the profession as catholic community organizer, and Cardinal Döpfner, chairman of german Bishops-Conference, was our Coach.
In this time my first intensive Supervision in a group of 4 collegas over 2 years (20 or 30 Meetings?) we used also for self-organizing as profession-group.

Suddenly the cardinal died 1976 and the refoming movement stagnated ... since the last years under Ratzinger. I left church after some years in community-work with youth, children and elders, starting a new profession from my years learning in theater-groups: After some common insceations, in the early 80s there was a lot oft theater-groups in munich on new common experiences: Body-orientated from Poland and US, Living Theatre doing "7 Meditations about torture" on political work,

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Then I met Augusto Boal and found my main profession for the next decades: Forumtheater. external image peter+Pan+Mollath-Kreis.jpg

Organizing workshops and groups, starting from anti-atom-grassroots and peace-movement, we went as a little and always changing collective through all parts of society: From chistian groups, oneworld movement and socialist sections, to evang. Academie and teachers-graduations, ... up to politicians and team-managers in business.

Meanwhile in peace-movement the change from broad organization to little groups followed the pershings, the new US-weapons, that could also destroy Europe. From Robert Jungk we learned democratic methods like future-labs, and trained a lot of groups for this works, a yearly meeting of moderators is exchanging the experinces.

Living in Communities from my time at highschool, as 2 seitzstr. 3y / 3 balanstr 5y / 7 adlingerstr 2y / 5 zehentfeldstr 3y / 4 vorhölzerstr. 2y /3 elsässerstr. 1y / 4 pariserstr. 12 y / 2 Johannisplatz 2y / 3 Kirchweg 4y / 4 schellingstr. 5y / 1 harthof 3y/ 3 westpark 3 month / 3 -2 mangfall 3y / 2 steinstr. 3y

looking for a project in the next year for more people in a tavern at the munich-eastern countryside ;-))

Since 30 years we have a society for political education with the background of Paulo Freire and his alphabetisation- and awareness raising - methods as searching-groups,

since 14 years I'm in the board of munich self-help and selforganizing-center and founding-member of forum munich and in, in background of

If I go on, I find a lot of more projects, between books, seminars, campaigns, but at least the circle in the picture upon:
Gustl Mollath was 7 years in closed psychiatrie, cause his wife feared his wisdom of her work, bringing illegal thousands of Euro to Swiss banks, working für HypoBank Nuremberg. She met Psychatrists and doctors, giving her papers and power, to bring him there and take his house and all he had. Since a good year he is free, and the circle, working for his justice, was ruined by a laywer, working on to get the film-rights, to bring the story as a book and next time in TV and cinema. in german: with a picture of a lady, also more than 7 years in closed psychiatrie, fighting for her rights ...

but now many thanx for your question and your pretty searching-work!